No matter your insurance coverage, a free SingleCare membership works for you!

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Welcome to SingleCare! We’re making healthcare more affordable.

Save big on healthcare – Prescriptions, telehealth, dental care, vision health and more.

SingleCare was created to simplify the healthcare experience for patients and doctors. Our goal is to make it easier for you to spend time with our participating doctors, while allowing you to focus on your treatment, rather than on the approvals and paperwork we are all too often burdened with.

How SingleCare works – SingleCare is free to join and you’ll save up to 40% on doctor visits, with no surprises and no fuss.

Healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated

  • We created SingleCare to make it easier to find a doctor, book an appointment, and pay your bill.

Step One – Search for doctors near you

  • SingleCare partners with local providers and pharmacies, which makes it easy to find someone to suit your needs.

Step Two – Compare pricing

  • When you search for a provider, you’ll see prices for common procedures at that location. Compare costs in your area and find someone that’s right for you.

Step Three – Pay only for the care you receive

  • Since there are no ongoing fees, SingleCare payment is smooth and easy. You’ll have your bill immediately after your visit, with no paperwork or mysterious charges.


Additionally, saving on prescriptions has never been easier

  • Our pharmacy savings card is accepted nationwide at over 50,000 pharmacies
  • Step One – Find your prescription
  • Step Two – Compare pricing
  • Step Three – Save at the pharmacy

Complement your insurance

  • SingleCare offers discounts on a range of specialties your insurance may not cover.

Save on your deductible

  • Deductibles get higher every year. Save money along the way by paying less in out-of-pocket costs.

Forget fees and premiums

  • SingleCare is a free service for members. By partnering with providers, we pass along great savings on healthcare to you.


We’re smart, affordable healthcare

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